~~ Boston ~~

King's Boston (Kingpins)
50 Dalton St, near the Pru.
(617) 266-2695
$10 per hour before 6pm $14 per hour after 6pm.
Has done a bunch of renovations and now has 6 billiards tables.
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Boston Beer Works - (Fleet Center location)
110 Canal St, Boston (617) 896-2337
$10/hour (on Saturday's at least)
Has about 10 tables, with full bar and food.

Felt Boston
533 Washington St, Boston (617) 350-5555
Stylish atmosphere, full bar, dress code. 16 tables. Most people are there as part of a club night, and not necessarily to shoot pool.
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Columbia Billiard Co

558 Columbia Rd, (between Arion St & Cushing Ave)
Boston (617) 265-1828

Jillians Boston (Lucky Strike)
145 Ipswich St Boston 617-437-0300
$14/hour weekends
$10/hour weekdays
The tables, atmosphere, and staff are good. Over 30 "tournament caliber" tables in well-kept condition. The bouncers are very strict. Also has swanky bowling upstairs.

4x4 Billiards
1260 Boylston St, Boston 02215 (617) 424-6326
Has four carom billiard tables for four-ball, and about 10 regular pool tables. Use keypad to call downstairs, and you will be buzzed in.

Boston Bowl
820 Morrissey Blvd, Boston (617) 825-3800
Open 24-hours!
Twelve tournament size pool tables will satisfy your 24-hour pool urges. Also, there's a shuttle that runs from JFK/UMass every 30 minutes.
Website, Facebook page

~~ East Boston ~~

Pockets Billiard Club
981 Bennington St, East Boston (617) 569-3350
About 20 tables at $10/hr. The place is downstairs, dark, and filled with locals from East Boston. Has a small bar, a few arcade games and air hockey.

~~ Cambridge/Somerville ~~

Flat Top Johnny’s
1 Kendall Sq, Cambridge (617) 621-9576
$12/hour Fri-Sat
$10/hour other days
Monday - $10 Tournaments (with free practice time)
Tuesday - half price for ladies
Wednesday - free after 11
"Winner of many Best-Pool-Hall awards. Great drinks and no-hassle pool, but call ahead on Fri/Sat nights because the wait can be long". (recommended!)
Website, Facebook page

Diesel Cafe
257 Elm St, Somerville (617) 629-8717
$5/hour before 7PM; $8/hour thereafter
Just 2 tables, smaller than tournament size.

~~ Allston Brighton ~~

Big City
138 Brighton Ave, Allston (617) 782-2020
Mon - Fri: $4/hour before 6pm, $12/hour after 6pm
San & Sun: $6/hour before 6pm, $12/hour after 6pm
Pool facilities are unsurpassable. The first time I played here I loved the place and played 5+ hours. Relaxed atmosphere, nice decor, good rates, full bar (lots of beer taps), and great tables. 21 full size tables.

Allston Billiards
445 Cambridge St, Allston (617) 987-0639
Allston Billiards has pocketless carom tables for the Korean game called sagu 사구.

~~ North & South of Boston~~

World Class Billiards
82 Newbury St, Peabody (978) 535-7000
Two persons: $8/hour before 6pm; $9 after.
Play all day noon-8pm for $10pp.
"Poket & 3-cushion/carom tables. Tables are top notch with heated slate, and players live up to the quality of tables. 3-cushion tournaments Thursdays at 7pm."

Corner Pocket at The Wave
411 Waverley Oaks Rd, Waltham (781) 894-7010
Monday - Friday, open 4pm - 1am (except Mondays, closes at midnight)
Saturday, noon - 1am
Sunday, noon - midnight
Weekend Rates: $14/hour per table
Other times: Rate varies from $8/person to $14/person (1,2,3,4 person rates)
"FREE POOL is offered every Friday evening from 5-7 p.m. and Saturday evenings from 7-9 p.m. for all patrons 21 and older. Corner Pocket is located inside the 'Wave Sports Club' in Waltham. Has 31 tables, 27 of which are Brunswick Gold Crowns with Simonis felt. Has full bar, food, and darts. Kids with parent can play until 7:00 pm. People have always been friendly and low key, and it's almost never crowded."

(Renaissance Billiard Club & Country Club USA are closed.)

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Venues listed have pocket-billiard tables which are not less than eight feet long, and which are suitable for playing 8-ball or 9-ball.


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Flat Top Johnny's
Big City

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